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Lynnie Donkin...delighted to be here

Taking the decision to study Contemporary Arts Practice at this point in my life has been such a big gift, I consider myself very lucky.


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Taking the time to study Contemporary Arts Practice at BA has given me confidence

I am pleased with the work I have produced during my time in Bath, I can see a stronger more sophistocated voice articulating themes that have remained fairly constant 

this last year has seen

plenty of action in the workshops

loving all the workshops at BSAD we are so lucky having such a consumate skillful and grounded team of technicians. I love and make use of every workshop there is always something to learn, and some of the best conversations to be had.

colaborative work

its all a collaboration really we couldnt do it on our own, enabling and empowering others whilst developing and sustaining our own practice is where it is at for me we need to work together to make stuff happen

 being present locally with an eye on the ball

snapshot of this years exhibitions and gallery visits including national gallery; London RA; New Art Centre – Roche Court Sculpture Park, Messums Wiltshire; Hausser and Wirth. Oxford Ashmolean and  Museum of Modern Art; Musee du Orsay SHIFT Cardiff, Art Shop and Chappel Abergavenny, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Hepworth Wakefield, The Holbourne

Paris Exhibition

As part of the Drawing is Free community I contributed to the 10th Anniversary Exhibition at the Paris College of Art

My Background

In Horticulture has transfered really well for me, I have begun to appreciate that my life experience has equipt me with a really useful tool kit. 


As a gardener and bodywork therapist for many years, I loved being a Park warden for the beautiful Hillworth Park in Devizes.. Creative endeavour, in one form or another has always been part of my world.


People saying nice things

Don’t take our word for it – make up your own mind

…there is a sense that all the sands are all shifting under our feet right now: but actually something really is genuinely changing, not fashion, but a connection and feminine understanding of the world that runs much much deeper, and is essential for us to draw upon politically, culturally, and environmentally.

Lynnie Donkin

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it’s all about the importance of a personal creative outlet, that potentially creates ripples in the communities in which we live 

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